All About Cannabis Concentrates

No need to stress or think too hard. We’ll discuss everything you should know about cannabis concentrates in this post. As a powerfully potent method of using THC, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into. With a growing variety of cannabis products available — even the rising popularity of delta 8 THC — it may seem like you simply have too much to choose from. But we’re here to help you know when to reach for concentrates specifically.

Types of cannabis concentrate

We covered all the different types of THC products in a previous post. In this umbrella, there are types of products that fall under the category of cannabis concentrates. These products include:

  • Wax and rosin: An oil refined by a solvent, known for being extremely fast-acting and potent.
  • Shatter, sauce, budder, crumble, and diamonds: All are concentrates with slightly different consistencies.
  • Tinctures: An oil or alcohol-based concentrate that you ingest orally; may also include oils you can cook with.
  • Capsules: Just as they sound — oil that you ingest that is kept within a capsule.
  • Vape carts or pens: Concentrates that are inhaled via vapor or vaping.
  • Hash: This concentrate can be vaped or smoked or used as a dab.
  • Topicals: Yes, even topicals can be considered concentrates as they’re made with concentrated oils.

You’re likely familiar with one or all of these forms of cannabis enjoyment. To understand a little bit more about how they come about, you can also check out our post on understanding THC oil extraction.

However, something that may have turned you off to one or more of them in the past was perhaps the expense. Luckily, as the legal cannabis industry continues to grow and age-old stigmas fade, access to these options will only increase.

Why use ’em?

While you may love the raw, natural experience offered by flower, concentrates shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, there are some key benefits to cannabis concentrates you may not think of.


One of the most appealing elements of cannabis concentrates is their potency. All of the items we’ve described have to be formulated just so. Not to mention, all cannabis concentrates are created via a solvent or solventless process. The very nature of this process makes them more potent because it strips the material of all the excess fluff that isn’t full of cannabinoid and terpene goodness.


The versatility of cannabis concentrates may come as a bit of a given. While vape carts and pens may have a singular use, there are basically limitless formulations and flavors to explore. Furthermore, cannabis tinctures and THC oil can be repurposed in endless ways. You can use it as you would any other oil in cooking and baking.

Then, of course, you have all the different textures and consistencies of concentrates in budder, shatter, sauce, diamonds, crumble, and so on. All of these will vary in terms of potency and THC content depending on batch specifics. But, overall, however, they’re about as intense as it gets.

More buzz for your buck

This point ties into potency and versatility and is perhaps the most compelling. While at face value cannabis concentrates you shop may seem more expensive than flower, you can chillax with the notion that you’ll need to use far less each time. So, while shelling out a little more for concentrates may pain you initially, just rest assured that you’ll be getting comfy with the same product for quite some time without needing to find a plug.

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