Can you eat THC oil?

Whether you’re struck by creativity, necessity, or just curiosity, a good question surrounding cannabis to ask is: Can you eat THC oil? This psychoactive cannabinoid (in other words, THC gets you high) is extremely versatile alone or when combined with other elements. In this post, we’ll discuss how to eat and how NOT to eat THC oil.

Ways to eat THC oil

THC oil is full of benefits. It may or may not be something that’s already in your routine. Be sure to consult a health professional prior to diving too deep. If you’re not aware, THC can help combat pain, anxiety, nausea, and symptoms from serious health ailments.

There are some ways to enjoy the oil, and some ways NOT to. First off, THC must be extracted from the cannabis plant. Then, this extract is infused in a type of carrier oil. Common carrier oils include hemp oil, olive oil, coconut oil (MCT), avocado oil, and sunflower oil. You can even infuse butter with THC and cook with it.

How NOT to eat THC oil

Naturally, all of the above oils can be listed as you’d use just about any other oil. But, of course, don’t forget it can be powerfully psychoactive. That being said, one way to NOT eat THC oil is to just take a big spoonful (or bite) of it. That won’t be very pleasant. Not to mention, your body may not absorb it as well as a tincture, for example.

Instead, you can mix THC oils into your own flavored tinctures, shop for them from top brands (among other great THC products), or create your own THC edibles at home. We discuss edible THC in the next section to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Is edible THC right for you?

If you’re highly sensitive to tastes or even certain textures, perhaps edible THC oil isn’t right for you. While there are certainly ways to finesse THC oil into another treat (brownies, anyone?) and have it go unnoticed, this may take some time to master on your own. Furthermore, THC edibles — we’re talking treats or dishes you cook — will take longer to exhibit their intended effects.

So, if you’re impatient, or you’re still figuring out what dose of THC works for you, an edible may not be the best place to start. With advice from a professional and a good understanding of how your body reacts to THC, though, you’re sure to hit the sweet spot sooner than later.

Other ways to enjoy THC oil

Another type of THC oil that you can eat — that isn’t technically an edible — are THC tinctures. Sure, you’re putting it in your mouth sublingually to let the oil do its thing. But, since your body immediately starts to absorb the oil, rather than having your digestive system go to work, they’re much more fast-acting than edibles.

Of course, other fast-acting ways to enjoy THC oil are through other products, like vape, dabs, waxes, for example. They’re a whole other experience and much less discreet, however, than THC edibles. That may be something that deters you. But, rest assured, as the legal cannabis industry continues to evolve, other products emerge. For example, you can now enjoy delta 8 THC as a softgel.

Like any product for health and wellness or even simple recreation, you should take your time and use it responsibly. While we encourage you to explore new types of THC to enjoy, we ask you to consult professionals when necessary and use the (bud)dy system.

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